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Are you looking for answers to some of life’s challenges? Does it seem hard to overcome the trials you face daily? I am especially proud to offer my book as a solution. Often mixed with spontaneous advice and encouragement, Principles of Christian Living has become a “must read” for believers of all ages. Don’t put it down. Make it a part of your library. It will bless you!

“God does not always give deliverance from all of life’s troubles. However, He offers the best way to deal with them.” –excerpt from the book

In this book, I share practical advice on how you can obtain the freedom God intends for your life, with lessons on:

  • How to Receive Salvation
  • Atonement
  • God’s Provisions for Living
  • Elements of Worship
  • Many, many more!

Principles of Christian Living will impact your life in a special way. Begin to receive your answers now!

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Author, speaker, musician DEREK E. EURALES, Jr., loves to share his faith, motivation, and music. His book, Principles of Christian Living, has become a “must read” for believers of all ages. To order your copy, click here.