The Bible teaches that human beings are sinners. Sin breaks our relationship with God. It becomes an immovable barrier between us and God. We are separated from God and powerless to break down the barrier. What we need is a reconciler, a go-between, a mediator, one who could make things right again with God on our behalf.

Christ is our great high priest. The word priest in Latin is “pontifex”, which means “bridge builder”. The priests of old were called of God to be a bridge between humanity and God. But this human priesthood alone was imperfect and unable to fully build this bridge. What was needed was another kind of priest, one who was both human and divine.

The message is this: God has provided Jesus as our high priest. Jesus is the bridge over troubled waters. Jesus made the way for fellowship with God by His death and resurrection. He now sits at God’s right hand in Glory to intercede for us.

Jesus cares for us, ministers to us and enables us to have a fuller relationship with God. Jesus knows what we go through and can help us during these trying times. He became sin for us; enduring suffering, temptation, grief and even death.

Jesus is merciful and gracious, understanding and ready to supply our needs. His life is an eternal example of the kind of purity and obedience God expects from all of us. Jesus faced and overcame every temptation, trial and tribulation. And with the help of Jesus, we too can please God!


Bishop Derek E. Eurales, Sr. has been pastor of First Opportunity Free Will Baptist Church in Carrier Mills, Illinois, since December 1988 and continues to stand on and preach the “Word”. He oversees the Southern Illinois Annual of Free Will Baptists (Western Division). To read his full biography, click here. Feel free to contact him today to share your testimony!